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    The C-Quence #1 kit is an advanced introduction to Environ's effective moisturizing range. Designed for a mature skin showing the signs of photo-damage and aging, the C-Quence track kits will quickly acclimate your skin to the more advanced Environ Step-up Program. C-quence #1 kit contains the lowest concentration of vitamins A and C in the Ionzyme® range and is the introductory serum in the step-up system. This technologically advanced product contains a combination of ingredients including Matrixyl® 3000 and Dermaxyl® that work in synergy to support and maintain a youthful appearance and target the visible signs of aging. Additional vitamin C is added to the serum by including Environ c-boost to your regimen, improving the overall radiance of the skin, and appearance of a more refined tone. Also included is the c quence eye gel, a technologically advanced gel.